German women

German women are kinda like American women without fake smiles or femininity (soon they will start growing dicks). Most German women are so unfeminine and boring that you get the same excitement as you do with a box of nails. Of course, you can not compare German women on vacation with the one at home. On vacation things are very different.

Germany has a no “asking girls out” culture. They become friends first and avoid showing any particular interest in dating except for special way of “staring” and certain little signs of thoughtfulness from both sides. If that ends in a relationship-good, if not, they stay friends or just don’t meet any longer. It’s a general German culture phenomenon. Dating, flirting, asking someone out like we are used to in the Anglosphere is virtually non-existent in Germany. They tend to be friendly and show no indication of wanting anything other than friendship and then, years later, out of the blue declare their undying love for you.

German woman have no clue whatsoever how to dress well. Most of them are either downright clueless about fashion or don´t even try to look good. This is especially true for the girls who come from poor families. Many also go for boyish clothes. Looking good/feminine is just not a priority for most German woman. Asian trannies look far more feminine than most German women.

Germany is heavily influenced by feminism. There are basically no family values left. Well educated women often (about 40%) don´t want children as they prefer to concentrate on their career. Divorce rate is above 50% and rising.

German society is extremely individualistic, even within families there is very little unity. Old people get sent to a retirement home. Children are supposed to get out of the house as soon as possible. Parents are often not willing to support their children and rather want them to make it on their own. On the other side children are not respecting parents and older people in general.

Lower class German women love to party, drink alcohol, smoke and do drugs. In fact, a girl not partying frequently is going to be seen as odd. They also have lots of one night stands. Just as it´s the case in the US/UK they usually go for the “bad-boy/thug” types.

German women are are flawed many ways… to summarize, here is a quick list:

– not feminine in their looks
– no family values
– too much focus on work
– not willing to accept the traditional role of a mother
– often times not willing to have children at all
– most of the better educated ones are wasting their time trying to improve the world (being an environmentalist, feminist, etc.)
– awkward to have a conversation with them, they often try to force their opinion onto you, if you want to hear it or not
– not feminine in their behaviour… there really is nothing feminine about German women at all, many of them take pride in behaving like a boy and being “practical” without typical female character traits. some man may like this kind of attitude, but i find it weird and rather boring.
– not willing to take care of the home, wants to split these duties 50/50 with their husband/bf
– many also don´t seem to know respectable boundaries with men when they are in a relationship… most will think it´s OK to have several close male friends with which they may or may not have had sex before… another thing is going out partying alone including getting drunk at clubs.

To be fair, there are a few pros as well:

– they are not as materialistic as American women as Germany offers a lot of social security

A lot of men are frustrated in dating because they lack MALE testosterone

The single biggest reason men hold positions of power is that biologically they are driven to be more ambitious and take more risks than women. Many studies have been released in recent years (several conducted by women) showing that testosterone drives risk-taking, domineering, powerful behavior. Guess which gender has exponentially more testosterone? But what happens when men lack testosterone? One of the reasons Northern California is such a social-graveyard is men here are actually women i.e. passive, unambitious, lacking physical and mental willpower, and unwilling to aggressively pursue goals or fulfill sexual desires (the typical SF bay area guy sleeps with subpar leftovers).

Here’s an awesome and amazing and powerful way to go through life.

A woman’s biological imperative is to acquire the resources to produce offspring, as well as the protection granted by a strong capable mate. As a result of this men produce protection and physical resources.

The exchange which is prevalent in the majority of nature is that males provide resources while females provide physical gratification in the forms of nurture, nourishment, and physical affection.

Of course, nowadays, in the modern world — in major cities, women are married to careers that provides all the resources to produce offspring. Hence why out of wedlock children has gone from 5% back in the 1950s, 6% in the 1960s, to 45+% in the 2000s… No need to have strong family units. So society produces weaker men (especially in cities) to be used as dildos, slaves and entertainment. Most guys enjoy their sperm donor status — i.e. not all men are complaining. They are usually losers with no real depth.

The truth is that the only time you truly *love* a girl, completely, is when you practically worship her and don’t want to have sex with any other girl. For a man’s love consists of wanting to have and not the renunciation and giving away of a woman’s love. Nevertheless, wanting to have always comes to an end with having. It is actually man’s more refined and suspicious lust for **possession** that rarely admits his **having** and then only late, and thus permits his love to persist. It is even possible for his love to increase after the surrender: he will not readily concede that a woman should have nothing more to give him. She becomes the girl whose beauty you are reminded of when you see another girl (that’s why I only date bitches 8+ in looks) — that is when you know you are in love with a girl or true woman… That woman may or may not accept you as a mate but when you feel like that, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks, you want to meet her parents and be there for her and your ability to solve problems goes up and up, your own problems included. You can take over the world, if you know enough about the world, and there’s nothing that will stop you except her voice and her touch. That’s what love does to a guy.

The problem is that you can date a hundred girls and women, and not one will be bring out that type of dedication in your soul BeCaUsE it takes a few months to a year to induce that desire and depth of passion in your neocortex, meaning every time you fuck a girl after a few dates you are jumping the gun and screwing yourself out of a more meaningful relationship that doesn’t involve being a sperm donor / dildo to girls who are enjoying their new found dominance and little boys who watch porn all day, play video games, and are distracted by technology all day long. The same goes for women who are after sex, they just feel the physical relationship and nothing else will form except the chemical nuances of sex and attachment through that.

So, from the neocortex perspective, dating for short term fun from both the male and female perspective is the problem that debases the maturity of both sexes and utterly destroys the problem solving potential of a huge number of humans.

Unless we bring back longer than a year long courtship and child rearing pursuits between the sexes, AKA longer than a few dick rides and a few movies, we are facing the equivalent of a female dominated world where the males are so submissive that they don’t mind being sperm donors and retailed/market-brainwashed into being a consumer of technology.

But, the truth is, no human that goes through the public school system is even half as smart as they need to be to be able to engage the mind of the opposite sex and thus you might as well hammer away because you aren’t going to be satisfied by their discourse level — there’s the reason they stopped talking about communication as intercourse after all, as debased as you can get today’s sex is not intercourse without communication patterns that stimulate the mind — the brain is the largest sex organ by mass, not to mention sensory perception and feedback, creativity and desire and planning etc.

Why even discuss this issue with dating? Wait around for your robostitute

The robots win, no war, no bombs, no grand battles or even whimpers of dying humans… just the sound of ejaculation and robot emulating the moans of the opposite sex, as good as any porn they said but it was better than any other sex a guy or girl could have — as the human race fell asleep after great sex and the robots took over peacefully.

No skynet, just xxxskynet brain-stimulation domination of the sex organs, as the human race withers away into the trashcans of the 21st century.

Oakland sucks

Everything moves too slowly, is too boring, or too dangerous. Oakland is strange in that everything gets shut down at 9pm. You wonder, “why the fuck do they close down so early?” then you get swarmed by weirdos, drunks and druggies, all whom magically appear at 9pm, and you know why.

Oakland is probably the most ghettoized city in the US. The black women are mostly all fat and Whoopi Goldberg ugly. The latinos are run down and super fat. Oakland is also tattoo and white hipster central. Hipsters have nothing to live for and no big dreams to accomplish. Their only goal is that of a nihilistic aesthetic where they ask themselves if they appear interesting to the mirror mirror on the wall.

Oakland also has lots of lesbians and man-hating, tatted-out, hipsterish or punk girls with a chip on their shoulder. Their superficial accoutrements reveal their insecurities and the massive confusion they have about who they are. It’s a race to be the biggest freakshow on the block for the sole purpose of standing out aesthetically but not intellectually. The best analogy I can give you is walking through the zoo and viewing the animals on display.

The SF Bay Area is one of the most feminist area’s in the country. The American version of Sweden (lots of butch looking girls, short hair, dirty, unapologetic, etc). Basically the exact opposite of SoCal (hot chicks, beaches, sunny weather year round etc).

The main thing Oakland has going for it is it’s more diverse (ethnically) than SF. Oakland all in all sucks though. It’s trying to come back but it has a long way to go. Many parts of the city feel kind of iffy and it still has that blue collar kind of feel even though certain areas are becoming hipster.

Cal Berkeley sucks

Remember the high school crowd that studied really hard because they had no social life, because they were weird or unattractive? Well, they all got accepted into UC Berkeley. Sometimes I think the campus must have sucked up all the beauty. There are some great minds on campus but most of them are self-absorbed in their own research to give a dam about the world around them.

The social life and dating life at Berkeley SUCKS! There are very few good looking people that come here. Prepare to lower your standards of what you consider good-looking (the phenomenon is known as “Berkeley goggles”). About 80% of all the women are ugly and the very few who are pretty are all in serious relationships. If they ever break up with a boyfriend, they could have one within the hour if they so desired. If you’re an average looking girl, it’ll be a similar thing although perhaps not as drastic. You’ll get another guy before the week is out, should you so desire. Berkeley was rated by Playboy as having the “ugliest” girls. Some of the girls are alright looking, but they often have old boyfriends from home that they simply REFUSE to let go of, are bitchy as hell or are so involved in their “Greek Life” crap that they won’t give guys outside their little bubble world the time of day. However, if you are a D1 bold athlete with money, you will be fine.

Most people tend to keep to themselves on campus and this can be somewhat isolating. There are clubs that you can join but since I’m not Asian there goes about 80% of the options. The football games and close proximity to San Francisco are the only good social perks about Berkeley. Around town there are only THREE bars and they can get really overcrowded and gross..

The city itself is…depressing. Homeless people everywhere. Berkeley, the city, town, whatever it is, is a terrible place to live for people who don’t beg on the streets for a living. I’m not sure if Berkeley is a city or a town because it’s too small and boring to be a proper city but too filled with concrete and ugly to be a proper town. It’s dirty, it’s ghetto, it’s small and boring, yet it’s expensive.

I often wondered how half the students got admitted. Numerous people struggled with classes that contain basic concepts like Stats 2. However, If you come to Cal, expect to work your ass off and then some. People are here to get credentials, not make friends. The professors at Cal Berkeley ranged from open-minded and accepting to so close minded, the only way to get an A is to be a complete sycophant. My advice is to take everything at Berkeley with a grain of salt and try to make the best of it. The degree is cool if you can survive without a social life for about 4-5 years, because the Greek system and social interaction is discouraged by the huge amount of silly work given. The Greek System itself, is being turned into a joke by the University. Constant moratoriums prevent any party from being held, and the Campus is pretty dead on football days. Everyone goes to the game and then goes home to study some more.

I’ve learned that a lot of myths about California are generally true

People there are–or become–more superficial. They’ll be your best friends for two hours and then move on to the next thing, and after a while you may find yourself feeling lost without an anchor. Sometimes that anchor can be found in a good-paying job in Silicon Valley and people with whom you can play video games. If that’s the life you want–to graduate and settle into a nice suburb with other computer and marketing geeks–then more power to you. It’s your choice when you want to settle down. Traveling a lot doesn’t teach you as much about new places as actually living there.

Berkeleyites tend to be–or become–arrogant in their opinions and are some of the most narrow-minded liberals I have ever encountered. For someone to not have a good experience in Berkeley or to not agree on a certain political view means that person is WRONG and not good enough for the Bay Area. After a while, it makes a weak person scared to have an opinion unless it concurs with that of everyone else. Forget about entertaining a variety of perspectives.

If you can’t say what you really think, you don’t know what to do with yourself, and then you’ve got to find another way to expend all of that energy. (Warning to all psych majors: Cal is anti-psychoanalysis, which is a tragic shame. Visit other universities and find faculty and students who thoughtfully consider all aspects of psychology.)

I’ll also tell you this: the people in the Northeast are definitely more ‘real’ and ‘genuine’ than people in California. Problems are solved by going to the source of the problem and tackling bureaucracy, not by having a parade about it. Sometimes the ‘realness’ is good, sometimes it’s bad. But at least it’s honest. Honesty builds character and below-freezing winters build resilience.

Polish women

All good looking ones have boyfriends or more than one and no remorse. Most girls in major cities have extensive networks of beta orbiters and sex partners to choose from. In countries like Poland a middle class has always existed (suppressed during communist era). In this regard the girls are used to extracting small amounts of money from a variety of men who are supposed to have means but not enough individually to cover their needs. This makes Polish women look much more down to earth and explains why most Polish women abroad work normal jobs while most Ukrainian women abroad prefer to work in bars or as prostitutes (they consider it stupid to make 1000 euro per month as a waiter when they can make over 5000 as a prostitute). It also explains why Polish girls tend to date a lot of guys simultaneously and are always open to more.

Polish girl: “Being with a guy is like a hobby, u do it because you like it. All the foreign guys I met in Wroclaw just wanted sex one time. It’s like a tuna sandwich. It stinks but you eat cause you need to fill your stomach. In Poland it is better to date a Polish man. I think polish guys are easy to have as long as they have hope for having sex with you. When the hope is gone they start hating you ahaha. But in time they get over it and hope is back”.

Polish girls are fine with the coverage of daily needs (shopping in supermarket etc) or nothing at all for the younger ones. The parochiality (narrow in outlook or scope) of the social circles compensates for their poverty. While Russian/Ukrainian girls try to find one guy that can cover all their needs.

It’s important to understand where this division in Europe came from: Poland (and the Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc) are in Central Europe, Ukraine (and Russia, Belarus, etc) are in Eastern Europe. Western and Central Europe got their culture from the western Mediterranean (I.e., Roman Empire, Italy, France, Catholicism and Protestantism) with its tendency toward democracy and the rule of law. Eastern Europe got its culture from the eastern Mediterranean (i.e., Byzantine Empire and Orthodox Christianity) with its tendency toward strong-man rule (such as Putin in Russia or Yanukovich in Ukraine) and lack of democratic traditions.

So clearly Polish girls do not choose solely on appearance or your bank acct but based on other criteria. Some of them very strangely (like consciously choosing inferior looking guys hoping they will be hooked and easy to maneuver). They also want the freedom to play with a lot of guys and use them for different purposes. This is one of the reasons they end up with inferior guys (simply a young, single, wealthy guy would never put up with so much shit and polish girls know that). However, the avg Polish guy is used to this treatment and does the same thing himself i.e. a lot of Polish guys have more than one girlfriend and sleep sporadically with a lot of other ones.

Also good looks can backfire in Poland to some degree. Meaning that a polish girl although flattered that a handsome man approached her will be repelled by the fact that she is rather inferior to him financially and looks wise so there cannot be a balance.

Generally girls in western Poland are easier than girls in eastern Poland. However, it is common knowledge in Poland, that the farther you move to the east, the more beautiful girls get. Here’s a quick break down:

In Wroclaw you have a lot of cute girls with boyfriends and the amount that speak conversational English is rather low. However, they are friendly but this usually translates to flakiness. There is just no point going to Wroclaw unless you just want to go out every night get drunk and try to sleep with average girls. Wroclaw girls are of lower standards than the ones in Poznan. In general, a lot in Poland depends on the city. In Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw girls look pretty good, but not so much in Katowice, Wroclaw, etc.

Also, many girls in Wroclaw are completely anti-foreigner probably due to actions of tourists in the past. However, what sets Wroclaw apart is the quantity of girls not the quality per se. That is while the proportions of hot women are lower in Wroclaw than in Poznan or Szceczyn. Wroclaw wins at the end due to mass population of female students (2 times more than in Poznan). Yes, many girls have boyfriends but go to clubs without them. They do this to tease mainly. But if one guy is very attractive they cannot resist. This is the craziness of Polish girls, you never know the situation in full. You cannot control.

Polish women from Warsaw have much more class; they dress better, use make up nicely and look globally prettier. However, the miss ratio is a lot higher in Warsaw. They might do some text exchange, ask you questions, but when coming up with a suggestion to meet, they usually respond in a very aloof way or not at all. This goes back to their inferiority complex. So she might prefer an uglier dude coming from not so stable financial condition.

In Krakow, the city is packed with young students, from 18 to 24, but you definitely see that they lack money to dress up and take care of themselves. Also, convo is limited as they are very simple minded. However, in Krakow there is a lot more to see and more nightlife. Wroclaw is a one trick pony. You may get a warmer welcome from girls in Wroclaw since there are fewer foreigners there, but that doesn’t mean anything. Krakow has a grittier atmosphere and more hot women.

In Warsaw a lot people behave as though they are the 21st century incarnation of Polish landed nobility and all the rest, excusing Wroclaw and a couple of other places, as backwater Djowka (country house) living farmers. In Warsaw the social life of the upper crust typically centers in the wealthy western and southern suburbs with its million or multimillion dollar homes. Those suburbs are rarely seen by foreigners, but that’s where the best looking upper-middle class and upper class people are. They rarely visit Warsaw’s Centrum for the same reason that the affluent Los Angeles residents rarely visit downtown LA – they live and socialize on the Westside in places like Santa Monica, etc.

Yes, the Polish girls in Warsaw ‘look up’ to western foreigners, just as the exotic foreign effect works everywhere. However, they don’t put on a show because they want to leave, no no no, they do it because they are representing their city and are immensely proud of it, want to communicate that feeling, demonstrating their satisfaction in what they feel like they are building / involved with – Warsaw.

Google’s Android is garbage

It looks like Android will be destined only for cheap, inferior phones for the masses after all. Only 8% of Android users are even on the latest Android 4.2, which was released almost a year ago, so putting expensive 64-bit processors and a new 64-bit Android OS on new Android phones wouldn’t even be worth it since so few Android users even bother getting Android upgrades and the phones are already mostly $100 junk. Why put an expensive 64-bit chip into a $100 phone? What’s the point of 64-bit on typical sub-$200 Android phones for the poor masses around the world? What’s the point of 64-bit when only 8% of Android users have upgraded so far to 1-year old Android 4.2? At that rate, it’ll take 12 years for Android 4.2 to reach the 93% penetration iOS 6 enjoyed before iOS 7 came out. What’s the point of 64-bit when most Android users wont’t ever use or see it and are content with old 32-bit versions of Android for at least the next decade?

Meanwhile, Android OEMs are universally profitless, including Samsung on its low to mid range phones. Chinese Android OEMs are undercutting Samsung massively in China on its profitable high-end phones and soon around the world. Without profits, the whole Android OEM base and thus ecosystem collapses, just like the declining profitless Windows PC industry today despite huge 80-90% profitless market share and 1 billion activations. Commoditized Android OEMs lack the profits to invest in R&D and can’t keep up with Apple on 64-bit chips/OS/apps, fingerprint sensors that work, etc. Which take billions and put the power of a desktop computer in the palm of your hand. App developers flee Android because they don’t want to be the last person on the Titanic, just like they flee the PC app market today swimming in red ink. Android’s typical customer doesn’t even have enough money to buy a data plan and apps, unlike Apple’s customer who has the discretionary income to buy data plans and apps BEYOND the initial smartphone purchase. Android’s also too fragmented and insecure to get adopted by the enterprise, whereas Apples’s wall-garden approach of uniformity and security lend itself to quick adoption by corporate IT via BYOD and Windows-like network effects. Android is left with the bottom 80% consumer around the world, who doesn’t even buy data plans or apps and for whom his Android phone is nothing more than a newfangled feature phone with a touchscreen.

Wroclaw Poland

Wrocław, situated in Central Europe on the Silesian Lowlands on the river Oder, is the largest city in western Poland. Wroclaw can be fun at times. However, most people are very sad and boring. There are a lot of options and nobody seems terribly interested in developing relationships. Mix that with the high costs of living (for locals) and almost nothing to offer young people, and you got yourself a shithole. If they find out you’re from overseas they treat you a little better, but they just want your money, and to learn English. Most foreigners soon find themselves very lonely, especially if they don’t speak the language. There is very little art/culture, and friends groups are very closed and close-minded. Every few months there is some interesting festival to go to but no fun if you’re alone as a foreigner.

Most beautiful country towns are empty because of joblessness and poverty. Poland needs more artists and geniuses, unfortunately they all ran away overseas as soon as they got the chance. There is very little pride for their country which is sad. If you want to make friends and meet interesting and inspiring people then you will only find other foreigners.

Small list of things that suck and make no sense.

1. The local classified site gumtree only has a few listings for Wroclaw housing. Most are run down crack houses or high price shitholes. For everything else, you’ll deal with some scummy/incompetent rental agent trying to get the cost of an NYC penthouse. I don’t think it was a good idea for Poland to go on the Euro and that is one reason why prices are increasing. People don’t seem to earn much (around 3000 zi mo) and It’s really hard to get a well-paid job, yet a fucking sandwich cost 10 złoty? Wtf?

2. No street signs or logical layout to any city so you’ll never know where you’re going. GPS doesn’t work.

3. Poor design everywhere. Taking a shower leaves the floor flooded because the shower head sprays water everywhere but your body.

4. The government is made up idiots who deal with irrelevant stuff and get a lot of money for it.

5. Every trend gets here about 2 years after it was trendy in the world..

6. Technical novelties get here 5 years after.

7. Although there is an abundance of super cute girls, who are generally approachable and have decent personalities. They have no real character or depth that compels you to want to get to know them better.

8. Polish girls have an obsession with mediterranean men. That is until they get to know them. Then they are regarded as momma’s boys, temperamental liars and womanizers. The polish girls who date them usually have to pay for everything and the guys don’t really care because in Spain/Portugal there’s no such thing as gentlemen.

9. Another key aspect to Polish girls is that they do what is in their interest. For example, they date simultaneously very different kinds of men. Often they go for established older but sometimes they only want sex (1 or 2 times a month — they can be very horny). When they want to have sex they often call an ex-boyfriend because sex with him is guaranteed to provide them pleasure. So a polish girl’s ex is never an ex and you should keep this in mind.They may keep an army of ex’s in their side to support them and be available for sex when they want it.

10. People act like they have a hundred years to do something. Everything is slow. The checkout clerk will hold the line to have a chat with a friend. Unbelievable.

Wroclaw Poland is like a broken rocking horse, it’s only fun in a kind of dark, sad way, until you get splinters in your skin and start to bleed.

One of the reasons NorCal is such a social-graveyard is because the men are actually women!

The primal male urge is to master oneself physically and spiritually and assert this dominance over others. A great symbol of this force is the BBQ — where parts of a dead animal are cooked over a fire (something you can’t master if you’re a veggie/vegetarian). One of the reasons Northern California is such a social-graveyard is men here are actually women i.e. passive, unambitious, lacking physical and mental willpower, and unwilling to aggressively pursue goals or fulfill sexual desires (the typical bay area guy sleeps with subpar leftovers). NYC is the complete opposite. That’s why New York is in many regards the best city for picking up HIGH quality women. Bay area woman are bland, boring and completely lacking originality. If you’ve met one, chances are, you’ve met them all. On the west coast — from the bay area up to Seattle people are ass backwards.

Living things aim to discharge their strength and express their ‘will to power’ (a pouring-out of expansive energy) which, quite naturally, can entail danger, pain, deception and masks. What counts as a preferable and legitimate action depends upon the kind of person one is. Whether one is strong, healthy, powerful and overflowing with ascending life, or whether one is weak, sick and on the decline. Seriously, the wilder you get the more alive you feel. However, American society (especially in the bay area) depends on low testosterone drones i.e. sick people. The healthier someone is the shorter term they think (young people). When people are sick, weak and on the and on the decline (older people) the longer term they seem to plan (who is going to take care of me) and seek more solid compatibility in a mate (looks start to fade). In Breaking Bad (TV show), the main character is a nerd until he gets cancer. Then he has nothing to lose and realizes how awesome it is pouring-out expansive energy. Seriously, you get cancer/virus/etc being a complete bore.

To sum up, most people around the world (especially in the bay area) are sick, lots have various health issues that effect their behaviors. However, social engineering in the main CAUSE. The US medical industry makes money off the side-effects of social engineering. People feel drained/burned out/tired/etc because they live an un-natural life.  For about 97% of human existence we were nomadic hunter gathers. Yes, for 97% of human existence not only did we not own anything, we had no concept of property. As we were nomadic, we did not live in towns, villages or cities, we were always moving to wherever we could find food, water and shelter. Anything you owned you would have to carry with you which would slow you down and lower your chances of survival and not increase them. In egalitarian societies, which hunter-gather societies were, basic tools were shared as were child-rearing responsibilities. As we had no concept of property, we had not concept of people as property (slavery) or people as sexual property (marriage). It simply did not serve our survival needs. SO nature is embraced and everything was balanced (everyone was fucking everyone)…. then the shift happened. The shift happened very slowly starting about 8,000 BC with the advent of the agricultural revolution in what we now call the middle-east. We moved away from the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle and started to farm our own animals and vegetables and as a side-effect of that, started to live a settled existence for the first time in towns, villages and cities. We invented property around this time because property became necessary for our survival with the first property being land, specifically fertile land that was good for farming blah blah. The net effect of these design flaws is that we live a broken world.

Southern California is better than Northern California

People in NorCal (Northern California) are not very outgoing or social and too hypertrendy and self-conscious. I expected to find SoCal (Southern California) people fake and unfriendly, but this could not be further from what I experienced. The people are airier, kinder and had much less angst. SoCal is mainly Los Angeles, Orange County, and the valley. NorCal is mainly San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc. SoCal is full of mainly Hispanics and Whites, along with some Blacks along the way. Northern California is mostly Asians (who do not mind becoming robotic, mechanized and regimented) and Whites and it is really not as diverse as Southern California. NorCal is like Colorado, Seattle and parts of the East coast.

The differences

1. Northern Californians are workaholics, extreme conformist and *bland* all at the same time. Southern Californians are more relaxed and much more frank about physical attractiveness as cultural currency than Northern Californians, both their own and that of others. SoCal-ers are much more likely to say to your face “You look great,” whereas NorCal-ers just seem to say “Nice to see you.”

2. The various families in the northern order are relatively solitary by choice (they are not people who thrive on romance, social connection, or meaning), preferring to “living to work” lifestyle. Meanwhile, the various Southern genus samples seek notice, and even fame, at every opportunity.

3. Southern Californians are in-your-face about being rich, successful, famous, sexy, “ballers” etc., if they are. And even if they aren’t. Northern Californians seem to adopt a more circumspect, stealthy, understated approach to success and achievement, bordering on almost disingenuous modesty in the vein of the Harvard Slouch. They either have or adopt a somewhat neurotic air, despite their quite evident success. In Silicon Valley, there are 6,000 registered Ferrari’s. Good luck finding one. Seems every Ferrari owner drives a Prius to work. Go into Atherton, Los Altos Hills, Woodside, Portola Valley, Alamo, Blackhawk, Hillsborough or Marin County (NorCal’s homes for the wealthy) and good luck finding a Bentley or Rolls or Lambo. They are there I imagine, but people don’t seem to drive them.

3. Southern Californians prize being very nice and positive to everyone about everything, even if it seems totally fake. Northern Californians seem very willing to provide constructive commentary, assuming that failure is a good learning experience.

4. Southern California is all-accepting of fashion, behavior, eye contact, speech, oversharing, general weirdness, everything. The only rule is to be original and put yourself out there. Northern Californians are bland, cliquish, closed and have a tendency to blend in resulting in groups to enforce rigid and arbitrary rules. People from San Fran, and more specifically the blow ins i.e techies moving there, hipsters, yuppies with the eco-friendly badge, confused pseudo feminists, indie cats, etc are too pretentious.  Always acting a part, never really themselves and ironically enough considering all the chillness and tolerance that are often cited.

5. The women in SoCal look far better than the women of NorCal in general. They just put in more effort into their appearance. However, I would say the best looking women in CA are in Santa Barbara. LA supposedly has plenty of them but for some reason you just don’t see them walking down the street… they are kind of hidden at exclusive locations.

The people who always talk about how great the SF bay area generally haven’t spent significant time anywhere else and/or are druggies. SF is a druggie mecca. If you love to do drugs – come to SF