School is not really about education

It is a psychology conditioning laboratory. A real education would rob this nation of its breathless efficiency because smart people are very difficult — they ask too many questions, they quit their jobs, etc.

Good Manageable people cannot sustain thinking for long or really think at all. They are usually childish people who need attending to by adults. Their lives are mechanical. Their thoughts well controlled like the thoughts of machinery. Have you noticed that machines don’t ever surprise you after you know their habits? We need dependent human beings, needy people unable to fill their own hours, unable to initiate lines of meaning to give substance and pleasure to their existence. A large fraction of our total economy has grown up around providing service and counseling to inadequate people – and inadequate people are the main product of government compulsion schools. Think Pavlov here with the intent that ‘Public education must limit itself to training working class students to carry out whatever task they are given to do and to accept the commands of their superiors. In other words, the real function of modern pedagogy is to render the common population manageable and to train generations into subservience to the state and corporations. The mechanisms of compulsory schooling cripple imagination, discourages critical thinking, strips children of historical bonds and causes of kinds of mental problems.


The major premise here is that schooling has been designed to provide mindless, loyal workers who cannot think for themselves. This was a deliberate act with roots in 19th century industrialism. John Gatto —  in his book: The Underground History of American Education explains how the Civil War demonstrated to industrialists and financiers how a standardized population trained to follow orders without significant thought could be made to function as a money tree. Moreover, the proper schooling could be used to strip the common population of its power to cause trouble. Our global power and corporate wealth is based on working against developing men and women of true character and intellect. The mindless bureaucrat and worker who follows a system without thought or question is the pattern that our “efficient” system depends on. That is what schooling produces. A truly educated person writes his own script through life- he is not a character in a government or corporation play. The educated person is self-determined to a large degree.

Yet, if you mention any of this to people, they want to lash out at you. It seems, living in a narcotized fantasy is preferable to seeing the reality all around them. As Huxley said, if you can get people to love their servitude, they will consent to the present state of affairs.

Canada Sucks

Canada (excluding Montreal) is not my kind of place. I find life there very structured and non-spontaneous. Canadians seem very reserved, very dull, kind of cold and inward focused to me contra Americans (to their fault Americans can be at times hysterical). Compare Vancouver to Seattle: Seattle’s downtown has soooo much more bustle and energy going on than downtown Vancouver. Vancouver’s downtown core is so sterile and dull: just a bunch of corporate hi-rises with Starbucks on every corner and some sandwich joints for the corporate lunch break: god, what a bore! Never anybody around–or if they are around they’re hurrying to/from the office. Sure there are token busy spots and cafes, but there is this pervasive flatness or dullness to Vancouver: everybody seems bored. Its almost palpable.

There is total lack of cafe culture, or places where folks can mingle in Canada. It just doesn’t happen. Plus, native Canadians just seem so disinterested in new immigrants. It’s basically: home pod to car pod to work pod to shopping pod to home pod over and over. Actually, Toronto reminds me a lot of San Francisco, as does Vancouver. Huge housing bubble and  frosty materialistic inhabitants. Its worth mentioning the very high cost of going ‘out on the town’ in Canada. How can people hang out in public spaces when food and drink are so high priced? $8 for a beer? Just ridiculous.