San Francisco – just a place to goof around

Don’t get too serious with people in SF because San Francisco is not a serious place. Lots of bars. Lots of options and nobody seems terribly interested in developing relationships. They have spoiled themselves to the point that they don’t even realize it.  This is one reason why 61% of the men and women are single. The other reason being demographics and the Paradox of Choice..

Transplants come to SF, have their outing, and then bug on out back home. Most of the women are total rubbish  (“I shaved my privates five days ago for my super jealous ex and he’s been stalking us for the last half hour…”).

Yup, that San Fran. You’ll run into lots of self-centered spineless hipsters, anti-social geeks, egoistic corporate idiots, hypocritical losers and the generally unpleasant. If you find this hard to believe, just take a look at online dating in San Francisco bay area. The FEWER people signed up for online dating means the more success they are having meeting real people. High online dating means inability to actually meet people in the real world, or such picky standards that no actual people meet their unrealistic expectations. Similarly, high income people only seek others of similar income or higher, and high physical and mental well being mean they are only satisfied with other similar “10” type people; everyone who is an “8” or under isn’t even considered. Overall, SF is just a place to screw around.

Feminism is a self-belittling black hole of idiocy

To understand civilization is to realise that women are women and men are men and that they fulfil different roles in society. The whole feminist agenda to turn everyone into gender neutral clones is utterly ridiculous and totally against nature! It destroys feminine qualities and promotes masculinity. I don’t want to see the human race reduced to a collection of indistinguishable hermaphrodites. Feminism is really just a PERVERTED form of *will to power*. Which is simply a will toward self-preservation and existence in general. One does not want to become enslaved or subjugated by others. It is a desire for freedom and independence. However, the single biggest reason men hold positions of power is that biologically they are driven to be more ambitious and take more risks than women. Many studies have been released in recent years (several conducted by women) showing that testosterone drives risk-taking, domineering, powerful behavior. Guess which gender has exponentially more testosterone? This doesn’t mean that women are inferior–why should risk taking, domination, and power be held in esteem over any other virtue or character trait? One can be submissive/weak and still hold power over others. This is the kind of power that one feels over one’s employer when one is highly skilled and experienced at a certain job position that few others are willing or capable to perform at all, to say nothing of performing as proficiently.

Based on basic biological drives, women and men will never achieve parity in accomplishment in certain fields. It just will not happen, but Feminism doesn’t like that and won’t accept this basic fact, so rather than to focus on individualistic desires and practical thinking, they want to socially engineer society to fit their ultra-feminist/progressive vision. Their arguments are based on prefabricated rational reasons whose entire grounding lies in pure perception and persuasion. Stop rape? Right, they are still under the impression that rationality/reason precedes/dictates emotion. Accept that men and women are different, and let individuals make their own choices.

This discussion exists because people of all political persuasions, social backgrounds and economic conditions are debating within a narrow modern world-view and have simply accepted as fact a mushy blend of modern theory that repeatedly contradicts itself and stands in sharp contrast to an almost entirely forgotten world of opposing thought: that of the ancients. Only great philosophers were capable of introducing people to the deepest and most profound life, and without this introduction, people would forever remain in their respective caves.

Most people are incapable of true self-examination and self-understanding because they are ignorant of ancient philosophy, which poses the only alternative to the modern concept of man. Allen Bloom said it best: A serious life means being fully aware of the alternatives, thinking about them with all the intensity one brings to bear on life-and-death questions, in full recognition that every choice is a great risk with necessary consequences that are hard to bear. The modern university does not force students to confront these alternatives at all, much less seriously think about them. Therefore, the modern university fails in its purpose, which is to create students aware of the vast array of possibilities that life offers and capable of choosing the good life.

Vancouver Sucks

Vancouver Canada is a bit like having a good looking but vapid girlfriend/boyfriend that has absolutely no personality. It kind of keeps you hanging around for far to long hoping things will get better. Over 90% of the people here have nothing to say, no soul, no depth, just worried about ‘fitting in with their clique of sheep minded friends.

I found people here quite superficial and cold. Very defensive, paranoid and distant.  They POKE FUN or give you the ROUND Eyes if you try to be friends with them. You are a nobody if you don’t know anyone and most often, if you put an effort to get out there and meet people, you could be left with just a couple numbers of unfriendly cold assholes who choose to remain distant with you rather than befriend. Women are unapproachable, if you start a conversation with someone in a coffee shop they quickly cut you off. Life is basically restaurants and exercise.

Vancouver disappoints. It’s a great place to live if you’re upper middle class and boring. Vancouverites are also intolerant of people whose interests fall outside of the narrow band of activities to be done in and around the city: “Don’t like mountain biking? You must be lazy. Like the arts? Look we’ve got totem poles! Oh, you mean the Arts? You are lazy AND pretentious.” And nothing makes me cringe more than hearing people (vancouverites) refer to Vancouver as a “world class city.” It just isn’t. Not by a looong shot. Why not just admit “it’s a one horse town but I like it anyway”? At least someone can relate to that.

A city full of immature, selfish, boring, ignorant, self-obsessed, socially crippled brats.

Seattle: beautiful place to visit, horrible place to live

The people are the most self-congratulatory, self-obsessed lot I’ve ever
encountered in a city populous outside of SF, not to mention socially-inept and awkward. Talking with your average Seattlite is like talking to a sixteen year old
kid with Aspergers who spends 2/3rds of their time on the internet looking
at anime. If you look like you spent more than four minutes preening
yourself before exiting your apartment and are wearing anything other than
earth-toned sweaters and khakis, you will get sneers and derisive looks from
tattooed, pierced, hobo-replicating citizenry. People talk about folks from
LA being flakes? No. In LA you can get ten coworkers, friends, and
acquaintances to go out to a bar with relative ease. In Seattle? Good

Seattle is one of the many places I’ve been that have the largest amount of socially challenged people. This place is so much of a sociology nightmare, that my friends that live elsewhere think I’m lying when I tell them about my experiences here. How does a place rooted in hippie culture have such a high level of isolationism and pretentiousness?

All the stereotypes about Seattle and rain don’t begin to scratch the surface. Take a bunch of socially inept, backward, unattractive people and put them in a crumbling, moldy, overcast, depressing looking city. Instill them with no sense of work ethic (or even rudimentary driving skills), but grant them a huge sense of entitlement. Then listen to them talk about how superior they think they are to the rest  of the country (which they either fled from or have never visited). Give about 70% of them a companion dog that they dote on in lieu of human interaction. That’s Seattle.

I was surprised to see how boring the major art museum is, how ugly the new
library is and how little there was for me to do after three days. I’ve been to many other real cities in the world; Seattle is not a city. It  was formed as a boom-town; it remains a minor outpost now filled with arrogant people who yearn only to get rich quick; it remains a boom-town. The people are self-centered and small-minded. I suppose I would not be writing this if I had not run in to so many people from Seattle who seem to think they live in a world class city. When I visit a new place I like to discover for myself what is good about it, and I would like Settle better if I hadn’t been bombarded with the hype that it is such a great place.

Again, the people are rude for no reason, uptight, asexual, unfriendly, obnoxious, narrow-minded, hypocritical, hypercritical, phony, flabby, sloppy, stinky, passive-aggressive, self-entitled, stingy, tattooed, tattooed, tattooed, conceited, DEEPLY insecure, wooden, devoid of expression, and refuse to smile, laugh, make eye contact, dance, frolic, or otherwise suggest that they are perhaps enjoying themselves.