San Diego Sucks!

It is just maze of suburban sprawl in the middle of more suburban sprawl. Downtown SD is a sleepy convention town with a lot of cheesy bars and bad restaurants. The city has more of a suburban feel, and there is a serious lack of public transportation or interesting nightlife. Though it is the 2nd largest city in the state it doesn’t feel like a city to me. I think it has more in common with places like Phoenix or Dallas. I gave SD a chance and the people are incredibly bland, uncultured and too laid-back. I’m all for the beach, but EVERY weekend doing the same thing at Moonlight Beach is just a bit much for me. Nobody seems really passionate about anything.

As for UCSD, it’s a great school if you’re crushingly boring, ride a longboard, and think you’re “chill” and don’t enjoy the company of others. Even the Greek system is filled with socially weird people that you feel like you are wasting your time when you hang out with them. The general atmosphere of UCSD is shockingly boring and depressing. UCSD students are just dying to graduate and leave asap.