One of the reasons the San Francisco Bay Area is such a social-graveyard is because the men are actually women!

The primal male urge is to master oneself physically and spiritually and assert this dominance over others. A great symbol of this force is the BBQ — where parts of a dead animal are cooked over a fire (something you can’t master if you’re a veggie/vegetarian). One of the reasons Northern California is such a social-graveyard is men here are actually women i.e. passive, unambitious, lacking physical and mental willpower, and unwilling to aggressively pursue goals or fulfill sexual desires (the typical bay area guy sleeps with subpar leftovers). NYC is the complete opposite. That’s why New York is in many regards the best city for picking up HIGH quality women. Bay area woman are bland, boring and completely lacking originality. If you’ve met one, chances are, you’ve met them all. On the west coast — from the bay area up to Seattle people are ass backwards.

Living things aim to discharge their strength and express their ‘will to power’ (a pouring-out of expansive energy) which, quite naturally, can entail danger, pain, deception and masks. What counts as a preferable and legitimate action depends upon the kind of person one is. Whether one is strong, healthy, powerful and overflowing with ascending life, or whether one is weak, sick and on the decline. Seriously, the wilder you get the more alive you feel. However, American society (especially in the bay area) depends on low testosterone drones i.e. sick people. The healthier someone is the shorter term they think (young people). When people are sick, weak and on the and on the decline (older people) the longer term they seem to plan (who is going to take care of me) and seek more solid compatibility in a mate (looks start to fade). In Breaking Bad (TV show), the main character is a nerd until he gets cancer. Then he has nothing to lose and realizes how awesome it is pouring-out expansive energy. Seriously, you get cancer/virus/etc being a complete bore.

To sum up, most people around the world (especially in the bay area) are sick, lots have various health issues that effect their behaviors. People feel drained/burned out/tired/etc because they live an un-natural life. For about 97% of human existence we were nomadic hunter gathers. Yes, for 97% of human existence not only did we not own anything, we had no concept of property. As we were nomadic, we did not live in towns, villages or cities, we were always moving to wherever we could find food, water and shelter. Anything you owned you would have to carry with you which would slow you down and lower your chances of survival and not increase them. In egalitarian societies, which hunter-gather societies were, basic tools were shared as were child-rearing responsibilities. As we had no concept of property, we had not concept of people as property (slavery) or people as sexual property (marriage). It simply did not serve our survival needs. SO nature is embraced and everything was balanced (everyone was fucking everyone)…. then the shift happened. The shift happened very slowly starting about 8,000 BC with the advent of the agricultural revolution in what we now call the middle-east. We moved away from the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle and started to farm our own animals and vegetables and as a side-effect of that, started to live a settled existence for the first time in towns, villages and cities. We invented property around this time because property became necessary for our survival with the first property being land, specifically fertile land that was good for farming blah blah. The net effect of these design flaws is that we live a broken world.