Wroclaw Poland

Wrocław, situated in Central Europe on the Silesian Lowlands on the river Oder, is the largest city in western Poland. Wroclaw can be fun at times. However, most people are very sad and boring. Everyone works 16 hours a day with no time for anything else. Mix that with the high costs of living (for locals) and almost nothing to offer young people and you got yourself a shithole. Most foreigners soon find themselves very lonely, especially if they don’t speak the language. There is very little art/culture, and friends groups are very closed and close-minded. Every few months there is some interesting festival to go to but no fun if you’re alone as a foreigner.

Most beautiful country towns are empty because of joblessness and poverty. Poland needs more artists and geniuses, unfortunately they all ran away overseas as soon as they got the chance. There is very little pride for their country which is sad. If you want to make friends and meet interesting and inspiring people then you will only find other foreigners.

Although there is an abundance of super cute girls, who are generally approachable and have decent personalities. They have no real character or depth that compels you to want to get to know them better.

Wroclaw Poland is like a broken rocking horse, it’s only fun in a kind of dark, sad way, until you get splinters in your skin and start to bleed.