I’m a millionaire cognitive neuroscientist that specialize in technology start-ups. I’m proud to be judgmental and elitist. It’s how I guide my way through life. Without it, I’d have shitty taste in music, movies, food and friends. Call that being elitist but I question anyone (As well as judge them) who doesn’t do the same. It’s called having taste. It’s called knowing what you like and dislike. To be a person who doesn’t do that…I don’t even know what the point of living would be. Perhaps just living to die without any thoughts in your head or, even worse, ignoring the natural thoughts that run through your brain constantly in an attempt to seem “fair and balanced”.

The idea of being “accepting” of everything is cute but not realistic simply cause most of “everything” is pretty shitty. It’s our job, as humans, to make our own minds up and pick and choose. I’m sure it’s been going on since the caveman days. You think Grog didn’t judge Throlg’s cave art? Of course he did (Grog was a known prick). By being judgmental and elitist, I will bring the best out of humanity and lead the world into a new era of peace, love, and prosperity  As for our type, who wallow in negativity, and aren’t willing to abandon their loathsome traits, they will be left behind, and isolated from the rest of mankind, so that their lies can’t contaminate our purity.