Dating wise, America is paradise for women and hell for men!

Its really beginning to look like slim-pickins’ out there in the modern Western dating world if you’re looking for attractive, young women who are worthy of dating. There are still some tight,young, slim girls out there, but the competition for them is fierce. These women command a premium high above their actual SMV. A high supply of thirsty, sexually desperate men (represents sexual demand), combined with a very limited supply of attractive women creates a pretty tough market for the average man to compete in.

The San Francisco Bay Area (along with L.A.) are the best place in the country to be a single woman (if you’re into limp-wristed pansexual guys). In the US single men outnumber single women by one million in the 20 to 34 age group! Also to add to single mens misery, get this; IN EVERY CITY IN THE US OF 50,000 PEOPLE OR MORE, SINGLE MEN OUTNUMBER SINGLE WOMEN IN THE 20 TO 39 AGE GROUP! Holy dog shit, what a horrible dating scene for men in America! It’s only in the age group of single people 40 and up that single women start to outnumber single men in America. Add to this fact that America has the highest rate of overweight people in the world (50% of Americans are overweight) and you have a dating nightmare for men!

That’s why you never hear women in the US complain that they have a hard time meeting men. California is the worst state as far as the ratio goes for men. LA, San Diego and San Francisco are horrible places to try to meet women. San Jose, California has the worst ratio of single men to single women in the US. For every 1000 single women in San Jose, there are 1109 single men!

Research has also shown that as the sex ratio augmented in favor of women, at first, as you would expect, the women simply turned fussy and went for richer and more powerful men. But at a certain point a curious thing happened: the amount of socioeconomic status a guy needed to get girl increased way more than the math would predict. Specifically when the ratio was tilted in favor of women by 10%, low status men became not 1.1 times less likely to get a girl but 2.3 times less likely and high status men 1.3 times less likely.

In other words, increase the number of males in a system too much and the number of females interested in pairing up GOES DOWN, due to some mysterious psychological trigger known as the Paradox of Choice. Women won’t pick and choose, they won’t choose at all.

Abundant choice is not something human beings are biologically evolved to cope with. We’d be better off with fewer decisions to make. As the number of choices grows further, the negatives escalate until we become overloaded. Constantly being asked to make choices, even about the simplest things, forces us to invest time, energy, and no small amount of self-doubt, and dread. At this point, choice no longer liberates, but debilitates. It might even be said to tyrannize.

The demographics explain a lot of things that I noticed in the US- the blasee, cloyed and smug expressions on the women’s faces, the war-like attitude of men towards each other- they have to compete for scarce women and jobs and positions that will attract women. The way one American guy usually looks at another is politely but with mistrust and as a competitor. Time to visit “male friendly” countries like Brazil, eastern Europe and Russia

3 thoughts on “Dating wise, America is paradise for women and hell for men!

  1. Wow..these are depressing numbers and pretty damn true. I would reccomend any big city in Texas for meeting women, lots of sluts.

    The east coast is probably the worst place to meet women though, particulary New Jersey and New York City…

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