Google is garbage

People investing in Google are stupid. Google has barely innovated anything for the real world since search over a decade ago. The reality is Google hasn’t really been recruiting the type of people who disrupt thinking too much. Googlers are not rule-breakers, nor disruptive people. They are screened out (intentionally) by Google’s interview process. Even the more “creative” questions are still left-brain oriented – analytical, problem solving, breaking things down into steps, etc. All of the people who have the disruptive attitude who you meet at Google were hired before 2004. Now engineering talent is devoted to improving search algorithms, and its business talent is devoted to how to improve performance on those little text ads which are slapped everywhere.

This company is going nowhere. Their corporate culture is implementation focused rather than theoretical or conceptual research focused. Those that branch out usually do so due to greed or frustration (sick of being unable to do anything or of being unable to.. boss everyone around), and don’t really have an idea worth building a business around, just some minor efficiency gain, some minor optimization, or some minor pain point not really worth addressing.

Also, most don’t really have that strong a business sense, even if they were
on the business side while at Google, and can’t operate unless they have the
leverage of a big company name behind them. Most, not all. Also, I mean,
look at the companies Google has acquired. Most of them weren’t that
special, and their founders usually move on to create something else that
isn’t that special, or, more likely, “retire.”

Sure there may be a few superstars, but by and large the employees there are average, at best, and, more than that, are risk-averse and wired to be told what to do. That is, if you give them something to do that’s worth doing or that’s difficult (and they are one of the talented ones), then they will rise to the challenge and probably nail the design/implementation, but leave them to fend for themselves and they’ll have problems.