Is homosexuality cause by virus during pregnancy?

A virus can do all kinds of things including causing stupidity in people, see: virus-could-be-making-you-dumber/

I’ve long suspected the “gay” flipped sex-designation attraction region of brain (flipped being descriptive in that males and female brains regions that form the basic response the opposite sex, resemble the opposite sex’s brain region) was due to a virus, since the numbers of affected individuals is almost the damn same as the numbers for genetic predisposition to a virus type conditions. Aka, it takes a virus-open-doorway to allow them to invade and alter the brain during pregnancy.

I know the “bisexual” behaviors resemble the child’s impulse control type lack of emotional and behavioral conditions. The brain technically takes until the middle 20s to fully and normally “mature” and form critical decision making abilities commonly attributed to being an adult. The child formation is anything that ends up lacking the fully coherent brain interloops or has blocked pathways or otherwise degraded connectivity across the emotional-frontal cortex loop/interconnection feedbacks, without that being well connected the brain’s patterns will be more stunted in the impulse control and your basic adult human maturity will be lacking… aka the peter pan syndrome will be present, lacking any desire to take on responsibility and desire to always be distracted by shiny toys.

If you know any gay males, you’d know they have severe impulse control issues. So much that they often had/have way too many short term sexual encounters per year with different people, meaning hundreds of partners within a few years and that is usually fairly consistent for their entire lives. I forget the studies since it was so long ago but the ones that covered pre-HIV epidemic gay behaviors showed that it was common for SF gay guys to have more than 100 partners per year, many times the normal behavior is the point and where I got that first idea that the inhibited maturation of the brain would explain their behaviors.

If I had time, I would do the DNA analysis and pin down the genetic/chemical pathways that develop the parts of the brain — showing that a minor alteration in the genes being expressed along the regulatory pathways during the critical development periods of the male and female brain.

This would show that the brain, depending on the genes and environmental impact of toxins and viruses and bacteria and fungi toxins and genetic shifts, fails to develop the region of the brain according to the male or female control genes depending on when the obscuring/obstruction process occurred during fetal or childhood development. Depending on the type of “gay/bisexual” attraction and asexual patterns the person ascribes to in their life, I’d argue the various factors would suggest environmental toxins like estrogen mimickers for turning male brains more into female brains… full on gay attraction would suggest much earlier shifts in the development stage that would suggest natal infection or a neonatal infection with viruses that are known to alter the hormones too, not only that but the more virus and other immune load that a male has during development the more the immune system will down regulate testosterone to allow the immune system to be stronger, since testosterone inhibits and blocks some of the immune system’s full functionality. An solidly research example of this is aging in men, lower their health is the lower their testosterone is but take anyone with poor health and put them through a solid healing process and exercise routine and they get back their testosterone but it does lower their immune system function too.

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    Utter nonsense. Bigotted, ignorant, hateful nonsense. Shame on you.

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      Shut up you brainwashed liberal moron.

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        Wow… such wit and erudition, that was nothing like a poop-throwing monkey at all…

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    Do you get paid by how many times you can link to this from HuffPo? Also, your HP profile says you are at Stanford. Please tell me they don’t let an imbecile like you actually teach! Maybe you’re the groundskeeper?

  • sam

    I doubt there’s a “gay virus”. It’s probably analagous to schizophrenia where a variety of stressors, including various prenatal infections, can cause damage that manifests with a set of symptoms.

    I’ve also seen some interesting ideas about absorbed fraternal twin stem cells. It’s apparently way more common than people realize. Some gays may literally have streaks of a dead sister’s brain tissue in their heads.