California nightlife is stiff and boring

No where is nightlife more “stiff” than in Los Angeles (San Fran doesn’t have a nightlife). Maybe OC and San Diego are on par. People just pose in those cities. ┬áIf you go to any “Hot” Hollywood nightclub, it’s mostly a place for rich-kid, well-connected, wannabe or actual starlets to hang out, look cool, and posture. Forget about going to any Hollywood nightclub and seeing tons of really hot girls dancing and having fun. Not saying it never happens, just don’t be surprised if you don’t find it. It seems to happen randomly, and almost always at SBE venues. It is such a difference when you go to Miami Beach or NYC. People are having fun. Dancing. Laughing. Enjoying life.

Moreover, is it just me, or do big cities in the US just kind of suck compared to other countries? In most other countries, in the big cities. There is 24 hour life, all night night life, street vendors and markets all over, and generally there is just an energy everywhere, opportunity around every corner. People doing things everywhere you look. US cities on the other hand, tend to resemble suburbs to me. Not much street life. Everything shuts down at 2 a.m. (or earlier). And a generally uptight feeling with rules and regulations on just about everything. It kind of kills the idea of living in a city to me at all.