The San Francisco Bay Area Sucks

The San Francisco Bay Area is kinda like a pricey retirement home for boring people. It’s really a soulless place with overpriced mediocre food, terrible drivers and chain stores for as far as the eye can see. There’s also a real distance between people in the bay area. Simply put, people don’t want to connect. They just meet for convenience and then go their own way and you are expected to do the same. Most people are autistic and not interested in socializing. Berkeley in particular seems like, not only is everybody kind of doing their own thing (ignoring one another) but pretending to be so open and forward thinking. At least on the East Coast people don’t pretend to be open and friendly. In the SF bay area, it’s a real “You live your life and I’ll live mine, and we’ll just ignore each other” sort of culture.

I would say most of the students in the Bay Area are tools. The Asian students are VERY conformist and square. They totally live for work and achievements in career. That accurately sums up the main problem of Stanford and Cal Berkeley. Hardly anyone at these schools have genuine academic interest, or intellect, even, and more or less slaves through years of University just to reach a career goal, which seldom strays from physician, lawyer, banker, programmer. They’re vocational schools: it’s all about working hard and jumping through hoops; learning happens only as an occasional side-effect. Try talking to undergrads and you’ll be surprised at how vapid they really are – remember that any idiot can memorize a biology textbook and spew it back up on an exam. Add to this general social ineptitude, and you can imagine what an interesting and enjoyable group of people you’ll find yourself amongst.

Most of the women in the SF bay area (if you can find any) are unattractive lesbians or radical feminist who hate masculinity. The few girls worth looking at are taken or are entitled bitches i.e. western white and materialistic Asian women. The SF Bay Area is probably the worse place in the US for dating. Most of the men (if you can call them that) are stupid, lame, weak, unreliable, wanna-be players, limp-wristed hipsters and socially inept geeks. The geeks (majority of males) entire framework of existence relies on passivity and non-action (notice geeks never reciprocate questions?). Ask ’em what you should do when you’re out of options – and they’ll tell you to ask yourself not because that’s actually what they believe but because they don’t have any real answers.

It’s not that these geeks are bad guys or hopelessly handicapped. It’s that they’re socially immature because they haven’t put any time into their social development. They’ve hidden themselves behind computer screens since they were ten years old, limiting their interactions to people who were like them. And their parents and teachers allowed it because they felt sorry for them, wanted to shelter them from the rejection that came whenever they engaged with peers.

Now these people must keep in contact with official voices, internet, cell phones, entertainment and sallow friendships that turn over on a regularly basis. They cannot sit still without their minds wondering off, as they are poorly trained in art, philosophy, economics or anything that develops a person inter-life. Instead, they need contain novelty to feel alive.

Overall, the bay area doesn’t seem to have a culture of real openness. It has a distant, detached, ultra-individualist vibe and people don’t seem to be all that passionate about anything. The women are unattractive and the men are service machines with little to no interest in the world around them. All the engineer, science, and scholar types that makeup the backbone of the bay area are super bland, lifeless, timid, risk-averse school nerds trained to pursue knowledge as if it were nut cracking — who sits cool in dusty rooms and if you were to seize them with your hands they would raise a cloud of dust like a flour bag, involuntarily.

  • Fuck You

    • unknownuserPC

      lol u mad bitch

  • Jason Warren

    Totally agreed, fuckers are spreading to Austin too.

  • Scott McD

    Austin has been FLOODED by the types of dudes that make San Jose a sausage fest, i.e. lots of tech immigrants and introverted pasty nerd-types. The propaganda that you would see almost every year where Austin made every best-of list in terms of cities in the U.S. paid off. It’s a good place to make money but once you are out of the UT bubble, things tend to drop off significantly.

    One really sad scenes here in SJ is to go to a Barnes & Nobles bookstore on a Saturday night. It’s crowded with lonely immigrant guys playing with their laptops.

    Many of the younger women in SF have the hipster look with the thick-rimmed glasses and generally unattractive physical appearance. I think this look in mostly politically driven. These women object to be considered “sex objects” and deliberately make themselves less attractive.

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  • Yep, you hit all the right notes. That’s why I moved out of the bay area. It’s a complete shithole to live and grow as a young adult.

    I was a pretty open-minded guy until I moved to the bay area and saw all single immigrant fuckheads infesting the landscape spreading their god awful body odor. Not to mention these are the exact same guys our politicians and businessmen tout as rising stars when in reality they all have the slavery mindset, which suits their benefactors perfectly. At the same time, they have no qualms laying off American workers by the thousands. No wonder our politicians are dying to get them all amnesty.

    There are a few people I know of that enjoy the bay area, but their autism shields them from recognizing the negatives of living in the bay area because — quite frankly — they don’t have the social capacity to see it being a problem. Besides, they’re content with their over-inflated salary (and ego).

    Now let’s me be fair. Sure there are bad drivers (thanks to Asian women and immigrants), but the traffic isn’t as bad thanks to the decent public transport system. Also, the weather is pleasant. However, just like its inhabitants, the weather can get very bland and predictable, which makes it a very boring place to reside.

  • fantasio

    Your comments are pure wisdom. I went to graduate school in the Bay Area, long ago, and it actually ruined my life, because I expected to get a normal life there….no way!!! Especially true about it being a dating desert. There must be a weird magnetic field or who knows what, that makes dating a women an impossibility in the Bay Area.

    • Anja R

      Or dating a man, speaking from the female perspective.

  • Jesse foster

    Wow . that was on the money…Good true.

  • Ryuen

    So True. Awesome post.

    On my way back to NYC and two weeks can’t come soon enough.
    The reasons why I rage quit SF Bay Area are…

    1. The Bay Area is not as diverse or open-minded as it boasts itself to be. You’re either in tech or white or Asian. Tech comes first though. Marijuana(and other drug use) and same sex rights are all that the city’s inhabitants, transplant or otherwise, seem to have an open mind towards.
    2. Whiny and Entitled. Most of the people here are whining or bitching and complaining about something that they don’t have the courage to change. Yet, they’ll quickly remind you that they’re a Berkeley or Stanford or another U.C school graduate. Therefore they’re entitled to something or another.
    3. Passive Aggressiveness.(aka wimps) I’ve never been in such a conflict-averse area in my life. No one has the fortitude to be direct with anyone about anything. Someone will get butt hurt about something and pout for the rest of the day rather than call whomever out on their bullshit or just suck it up. This can go hand in hand with my previous point.
    4. Flakey People. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one.
    5. Frien-quaitences. The author highlighted on this. It’s true. No one wants to connect, unless it’s out of convenience or need of something.
    6. CLIQUEY and INSULAR. In order to make friends and progress in the workplace here, you have to be the “cultural-fit”. That means you have to be the splitting image of how they see you in their minds. Good luck if you’re not.
    7. Dating Scene. Women here are ultra “Feminists”. And by that I mean selective feminists. With the ratio greatly being in their favor, they can switch on this “I’m Queen Shit” attitude at the drop of the dime. But expect the man to treat them like a lady when they dictate it.
    8. Cost of Living. I believe Six figures is the median salary in the city. You’re shit out of luck if you don’t make that.

    End of my rant. Good luck to everyone else still out here.

    • test bot

      HAHAHAHA hilarious. Pretty much everything you wrote was spot-on.

  • jimbo

    1. The food in the Bay Area is actually pretty good, sporting a variety of ethnic cuisines.
    2. The drivers here are not nearly as bad as those I encountered while living in the southeast, esp. considering the average volume on the road.
    3. Many folks here are indeed insular, but I’ve found that to be the case everywhere I’ve lived, and I like the cultural diversity. They’re certainly not the unfriendly and deliberately antagonistic breeds I met while living in the Buffalo, NY area, or phony ultra-conservative religious conformists I met while living in South Carolina.
    4. The climate is borderline-immaculate. You’d have to move to San Diego to get any better. The outdoors additionally feature more to do than anywhere else in the country.
    5. The cost of living is a bit ridiculous in general, but you get what you pay for. Nonetheless, there is reasonably-priced real-estate in decent areas if you do your research.
    6. The dating scene for single guys definitely sucks, which is no surprise given said cost of living and nature of the industry here. You have to be outgoing and persistently aggressive to have any chance of finding a date, let alone an attractive lady who has her shit together…and forget the joke known as on-line dating.

    • Anja R

      The dating scene here for females SUCKS. I’ve been here 3 years, great career, in shape, attractive so I’ve been told (being modest)…and I either meet successful men with douchey personalities who try to compensate that with talking/ showing you how much money they have….or guys who have fun personalities and are attractive – but are complete losers, living off of their parents and have no real drive only a sense of entitlement. By ALL MEANS, if you can prove me wrong I would love that

      • Anja R

        Oh – and when I say “living off of their parents”…I’m talking dudes in their late 20s (27, 28+), not normal college-age kids (18 – 22).

        • jimbo

          Sorry for the late reply. I understand your frustrations, as it’s hard to find anyone not beset by some personal issue who you also like and accepts you for you. The Bay Area used to be more fun with at least some social activities like 10-20 years ago. Now it’s become a social wasteland thanks to big Tech and big Pharma. What events/venues/activities do you like?

      • William Luke Rice

        You just mentioned awesome guys who are attractive but family oriented or successful guys who are boring. Hmm so I guess you assume you are entitled to a *successful, funny, witty and handsome, and approachable* like most women here, you are to picky for your own good! You very well might be a 10 and deserve a 10 but dear, thing is EVERY women here thinks she is a 10 and deserves a 10…

        Women, even more so then men have no object ability to rate themselves..

        As men we learn this through years of being rejected by women and learning what we are willing to fix to get your attention.

        I found that I get plenty of attention from women in other states and even more from women abroad.

        I work hard, i have a fairly handsome face, I can be witty charming etc.I even have intellectual hobbies and a high IQ. I just don’t drive a beamer or have a master’s or PhD.

        As much as I love the bayarea for what it is…Life would suck if this is all there was!!!

  • George

    I mostly agree. Never seen such a lonely place as the SF bay area.

  • jopamo

    Been here since 2006. I got married here. I bought a house here. I even moved my parents here. And you know what?…

    This place STILL doesn’t feel like ‘home.’

    For a while, I thought it was me. I’m originally from NJ, and spent the first few years here being jokingly reminded of that by “frien-quaintences” (good one, Ryuen) & coworkers. Funny thing is–I’ve lived other places in the US, as well as in Europe and I’ve NEVER encountered such OH-you’re-from-THEREism as I have in the Bay Area. I used to nervously laugh this off. Now it gets met with a swift STFU (amazing how well STFU works over here….wimps).

    I’ve dealt with quite a healthy helping of assholes growing up and working back East….but the unique kind of sociopathic sadism-with-a-smile assholeism exhibited here has been particularly unsettling. I’d much prefer a good punch in the face to the continual back stabs I’ve experienced out here.

    My parents don’t complain much…and don’t ask for much. However, they too feel the social isolationism here (and comment indirectly on this from time to time). It makes me feel quite terrible (mostly because I align with them so much) to realize that they are spending their twilight years in a place where much of the population is so goddamned full of itself that not even light can escape.

    “At least the weather is nice.”

    …Sadly, this becomes the sole mitigator for most people critical of this place (and justifiably so). That said–I try to get away to the trees and the trails as much as possible (and you should too).

    And the drivers here?! Please shoot me. High caliber. Point blank. Ugh…

    When it come down to it. It’s not a horrible place… But for the price we pay to live here… it sure as SHIT should be better..

  • mypeacecat

    I know this is an old post, but it is so totally true. I have been in the bay area for 13 years, and I am trying to get out and back East. I find that all the so-called open-minded, “green”, and diverse people are just the opposite. They are too busy back-stabbing and trying to stay alive to care about others. It is truly soulless to me. Please note that I have live all around the world and in many parts of the United States. I am highly educated and married to someone of a different ethnic background. I simply can’t stay here much longer. I have seen my 12 year old son so sad when he has to leave family in Florida and Michigan. He always asks why do we have to go back to Northern California. Uggh. Thanks for posting this. It makes me feel like I am not entirely the only one to feel this way.

  • Cat Monkeywoman

    Well, it’s too cold for me. I thought I liked diversity until I moved here. Now I could really do without it. They drive like shit. I can’t find a date to save my life. 8 years and I’m still single. Half the population is gay, bi, trans, cross-dressing, dominant daddy, polyamorous or otherwise completely undatable. Yes I am a radical feminist but I still like a man’s man. Funny to hear the commenters opine over finding women to date. You should try finding men. Oye.

    So where to next? That’s the dilemma. The rest of the country is so back-asswards, where the hell do you go from here? Already did San Diego, LA and NY. Europe would be awesome if it weren’t for that pesky little citizenship issue. Gah…

    • test bot

      I doubt if you’re a woman over 180lb you’ll have a good time in Europe… just saying.

      • Cat Monkeywoman

        Honey, I’m not over 135. But thanks for your concern.

  • Disqusiscrap

    Liberal policies ruin communities. progressive culture eats itself. Most expensive city in the country, and just about the world. Buncha hypocrites.

  • Bobby

    Right on the money. Most women in the bay area are cunts.

  • Daniel M

    San Francisco sounds just like Orange County in a business sense, plus the out of shape people, feminists, and gay activism which is absent in Orange County (and pretty much all of SoCal).

    I have family who has lived in the SF Bay area for decades, and I grew up in SoCal, so I know a bit about both.

    I find that superficially some NorCal residents (especially those in the Bay Area) are very nice, polite, and can be self-righteous–which can possibly be attributed to their long standing culture of reinforcing a strong education, and attention to social causes.
    On the other hand NorCal residents do seem to have a social naivete about them.

    If that’s the worse though, I will take that.

    As far as dating–there’s a reason why I’ve never considered moving to the Bay Area–everything is pretty much spot on including the perhaps omitted fact that many SF Bay area residents don’t put as much emphasis on health, diet, and fitness as people in SoCal do, while having some of the same douchey sense of entitlement that many techies and business people have in Orange County or the Westside of LA.

    I can’t say I hate SF though–it’s a very nice quaint city, and would rather live there than most other places in this country, but still there are a few other areas around the U.S. I would rather live in.

  • JimBob JoeBob

    Geeze, maybe if all you whiners went back to your safe little homes where you can still suckle on mommy’s tit and play with all your safe little toys, we could weed out the crowding…..I moved here from the racist Deep South over thirty years ago, have been through multiple cycles just like we’re in now, with the same complainers/newcomers saying the same thing, and I travel all over the world, and the City, this City, STILL is the best place on earth.

    Except for the public nuisance that is the Blue Angels…they are a waste of money, and try to turn our beautiful bay in Moscow’s Red Square on May Day.

  • Funruffian

    This guy hates SF for reasons that are different than my own. I’ll admit that housing is ludicrously high, but his numbers of $1000 per month and up are far too minuscule to the present reality. One would expect to pay upward of $2500 in a single bedroom flat in a decent area. There was a Rent Control ordnance passed three decades ago for old tenants who only get 5% housing payment increase every 3 years. But those tenants only compose of 14% of the population.
    As far as dating and women? This guy is either way to picky for his britches or doesn’t know where to look. I’ll admit that LA has better looking women per click, no doubt. I’ve dated a few beautiful women on the Bay Area and they weren’t too hard to find.

  • Richard Torres

    Right on man! I have lived in the smelly old bay area for all my life and IT SUCKS!! I want out too! I would like to live in San Diego, now THERE’S a city with charm and personality. san diegans are cool open mnided people. you can say the about angelenos too Los Angeles has some charm too. Southern Cal is where its at man, NOT the smelly, overpriced and narrow minded Bay Area!!

  • William Luke Rice

    Word for word….;-)