Vancouver Sucks

Vancouver Canada is a bit like having a good looking but vapid girlfriend/boyfriend that has absolutely no personality. It kind of keeps you hanging around for far to long hoping things will get better. Over 90% of the people here have nothing to say, no soul, no depth, just worried about ‘fitting in with their clique of sheep minded friends.

I found people here quite superficial and cold. Very defensive, paranoid and distant.  They POKE FUN or give you the ROUND Eyes if you try to be friends with them. You are a nobody if you don’t know anyone and most often, if you put an effort to get out there and meet people, you could be left with just a couple numbers of unfriendly cold assholes who choose to remain distant with you rather than befriend. Women are unapproachable, if you start a conversation with someone in a coffee shop they quickly cut you off. Life is basically restaurants and exercise.

Vancouver disappoints. It’s a great place to live if you’re upper middle class and boring. Vancouverites are also intolerant of people whose interests fall outside of the narrow band of activities to be done in and around the city: “Don’t like mountain biking? You must be lazy. Like the arts? Look we’ve got totem poles! Oh, you mean the Arts? You are lazy AND pretentious.” And nothing makes me cringe more than hearing people (vancouverites) refer to Vancouver as a “world class city.” It just isn’t. Not by a looong shot. Why not just admit “it’s a one horse town but I like it anyway”? At least someone can relate to that.

A city full of immature, selfish, boring, ignorant, self-obsessed, socially crippled brats.

The San Francisco Bay Area Sucks

The San Francisco Bay Area is kinda like a pricey retirement home for boring people. It’s really a soulless place with overpriced mediocre food, terrible drivers and chain stores for as far as the eye can see. There’s also a real distance between people in the bay area. Simply put, people don’t want to connect. They just meet for convenience and then go their own way and you are expected to do the same. People have to work long hours and not interested in socializing. Berkeley in particular seems like, not only is everybody kind of doing their own thing (ignoring one another) but pretending to be so open and forward thinking. Atleast on the East Coast people don’t pretend to be open and friendly. In the SF bay area, it’s a real “You live your life and I’ll live mine, and we’ll just ignore each other” sort of culture.

I would say most of the students in the Bay Area are tools. The Asian students are VERY conformist and square. They totally live for work and achievements in career. That accurately sums up the main problem of Stanford and Cal Berkeley. Hardly anyone at these schools have genuine academic interest, or intellect, even, and more or less slaves through years of University just to reach a career goal, which seldom strays from physician, lawyer, banker, programmer. They’re vocational schools: it’s all about working hard and jumping through hoops; learning happens only as an occasional side-effect. Try talking to undergrads and you’ll be surprised at how vapid they really are – remember that any idiot can memorize a biology textbook and spew it back up on an exam. Add to this general social ineptitude, and you can imagine what an interesting and enjoyable group of people you’ll find yourself amongst.

Most of the women in the SF bay area (if you can find any) are unattractive lesbians or radical feminist who hate masculinity. The few girls worth looking at are taken or are entitled bitches i.e. western white and materialistic Asian women. The SF Bay Area is probably the worse place in the US for dating. Most of the men (if you can call them that) are stupid, lame, weak, unreliable, wanna-be players, limp-wristed hipsters and socially inept geeks. The geeks (majority of males) entire framework of existence relies on passivity and non-action (notice geeks never reciprocate questions?). Ask ’em what you should do when you’re out of options – and they’ll tell you to ask yourself not because that’s actually what they believe but because they don’t have any real answers.

It’s not that these geeks are bad guys or hopelessly handicapped. It’s that they’re socially immature because they haven’t put any time into their social development. They’ve hidden themselves behind computer screens since they were ten years old, limiting their interactions to people who were like them. And their parents and teachers allowed it because they felt sorry for them, wanted to shelter them from the rejection that came whenever they engaged with peers.

Now these people must keep in contact with official voices, internet, cell phones, entertainment and sallow friendships that turn over on a regularly basis. They cannot sit still without their minds wondering off, as they are poorly trained in art, philosophy, economics or anything that develops a person inter-life. Instead, they need contain novelty to feel alive.

Overall, the bay area doesn’t seem to have a culture of real openness. It has a distant, detached, ultra-individualist vibe and people don’t seem to be all that passionate about anything. The women are unattractive and the men are service machines with little to no interest in the world around them. All the engineer, science, and scholar types that makeup the backbone of the bay area are super bland, lifeless, timid, risk-averse school nerds trained to pursue knowledge as if it were nut cracking — who sits cool in dusty rooms and if you were to seize them with your hands they would raise a cloud of dust like a flour bag, involuntarily.