Vancouver Sucks

Vancouver Canada is a bit like having a good looking but vapid girlfriend/boyfriend that has absolutely no personality. It kind of keeps you hanging around for far to long hoping things will get better. Over 90% of the people here have nothing to say, no soul, no depth, just worried about ‘fitting in with their clique of sheep minded friends.

I found people here quite superficial and cold. Very defensive, paranoid and distant.  They POKE FUN or give you the ROUND Eyes if you try to be friends with them. You are a nobody if you don’t know anyone and most often, if you put an effort to get out there and meet people, you could be left with just a couple numbers of unfriendly cold assholes who choose to remain distant with you rather than befriend. Women are unapproachable, if you start a conversation with someone in a coffee shop they quickly cut you off. Life is basically restaurants and exercise.

Vancouver disappoints. It’s a great place to live if you’re upper middle class and boring. Vancouverites are also intolerant of people whose interests fall outside of the narrow band of activities to be done in and around the city: “Don’t like mountain biking? You must be lazy. Like the arts? Look we’ve got totem poles! Oh, you mean the Arts? You are lazy AND pretentious.” And nothing makes me cringe more than hearing people (vancouverites) refer to Vancouver as a “world class city.” It just isn’t. Not by a looong shot. Why not just admit “it’s a one horse town but I like it anyway”? At least someone can relate to that.

A city full of immature, selfish, boring, ignorant, self-obsessed, socially crippled brats.